Quarentine Smiles

Javascript   |   Open Frameworks  |  Experiments

Three experiments about laughing and smiling, as the world quarantines during the pandemic.

During quarantine, I found myself spending more and more time in front of my computer. In this weird and lonely time, how many times did I share a laugh with my computer?

This resulted in a simle tracking chrome extension, a try to make me laugh game, and a library of smiles.

01- Smiley Chrome Extension

Javascript  |  face-api

A chrome extension that track the number smiles as I trawled through cyber space. A reminder that I still managed to laugh despite the trying times.

02- Make Me Laugh

Open Frameworks

A game implementing "Try not to laugh". This interaction detects your smile and takes a screenshot of it. I thought it would be fun to play "try not to laugh" and see what it would take for me to crack.

03- Thanks for the laughs

Open Frameworks

Creating a library of screenshots showing what made me laugh

I wanted to know what made me laugh throughout the quarantine. This app takes a screenshot of my screen and my face, every time I smile. It was great to see the source of my laughter.

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